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Hello there from the Corps Council of Leeds West Hunslet Corps!

Following on from the Government’s decision to remove restrictions on social gatherings and so on, we feel that we are able to reopen the Corps once more!


Our first meeting will take place on


At the normal time of 10.30am


Whilst we are happy to be able to reopen after so long, we are mindful of the serious and worrying situation all over the country right now, with rates of Covid infection still very high.  So we feel that we must take every care to ensure the safety of everyone entering the hall.


Hand sanitizers will be available, and we would ask that you use them both entering and leaving the hall.  We are asking that you do still wear a mask and also respect the feelings of those who still don’t want to ‘get too close’ by using a ‘Red, Amber, Green’ sticker system, at least for the present time. There won’t be any coffee afterwards, and if you do want to socialise with your friends we would ask that you do so out in the fresh air if possible!  Most people will have had the jab(s) but many people are still vulnerable and we must look out not just for our own wellbeing, but also the wellbeing of other Corps members and visitors.  In addition, if you do not feel well, please use discretion and even though it may be a disappointment, wait until you are well again before coming to the hall. 


It will be great to meet up with each other once more and we are looking forward to resuming some sort of normality, and to thanking God for the health and strength we have been given to get us through these difficult and unprecedented times.


If you have any queries or concerns about our reopening, please do not hesitate to contact any of the Corps Council Members (see list below) who will try to help.


Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 1 August!!

May God keep you safe in His care

Leeds West Hunslet Corps Council


Corps Council Members : Major Carol Kendall, C S Dawn Smith, Hazel Clark, Andy Peddle, Bronwyn Jackson, Jayne Griffin, Chloe Offord, Vanessa Humphrey, June Mitchell, CT Laurence Moorby

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