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28th February 2021


Traditionally the Salvation Army considers the Month of March as ‘Self Denial’ Month, when its members and friends give a monetary gift to support the Salvation Army’s Missionary work all over the World. (The ‘Big Collection’ is the appeal to the general public for monetary support for Salvation Army social work in the UK only.)

To show you how your money will be used and how much it is needed, for the next 5 weeks we are posting five different videos which have been produced by the Salvation Army and which show some of the projects currently ongoing in the Missionary field. During the month you will be receiving a Self Denial gift envelope – please give some thought to what you are able to donate to the Salvation Army’s vital work overseas to help the many people who are not as fortunate as we are.

Don’t forget to have a look at the videos!

TODAY IS WEEK ONE! God bless you

Our worship this morning is in the form of a video. Please click here to watch.

Alternatively, copy and paste the below link into your address bar:

Thank you for watching

Prepared by Major Peter and Mark H

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