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30th August 2020 - Wonders

Our worship this morning is made up of a series of short videos. Please watch below:



Dear Heavenly Father,

We thank you for your love and your care of us. we thank you for this wonderful world that you have provided for us. But we are aware that there is so much trouble; some of it that is caused by man's want and destruction of not only the world around us but the people as well. Some of it is caused by natural disasters and at the moment Lord we are going through this problem with the Covid virus. it has affected so many people. both people in our Corps and people in the world around us, financially health wise, job security and isolation. Lord be with them in their times of need. And as we come to worship, may we worship you with our whole being, and may we discover something new within you this morning.



To view the whole programme, click here.


Genesis 11:1-9

Song 48:


O GOD, You are the Father of all the human race;

The God of all creation, who rules in time and space.

Despite our faults and failings

Your love remains the same,

And You alone we worship

And praise Your holy name.


Lord Jesus Christ we love You,

Our Savior and our friend.

Your life you gave to save us

By love which knows no end.

As God and man you showed us

Just how we ought to live,

So Lord, in glad obedience,

Our lives to You we give.


We thank You, Holy Spirit, for gifts of many kinds,

New life and love and power

That changes hearts and minds;

We praise You for the comfort and strength

You bring each day,

As one who stands beside us and helps us as we pray.

Thank you for reading and watching

Prepared by Majors Kendall

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We have now been able to set up a scheme which will enable you to give in an offering online.  Below  there is a QR code – a square with ‘Givt’ in the middle and black and white squiggles all over it – and when you download the ‘Givt’ app onto your phone or other device you will be able to make a contribution, of whatever amount, to the Corps simply by showing you phone or device  to the QR icon.

Here’s what to do :

  1.  Download the app named ‘Givt’ from the Apple ‘App Store’ or ‘Google Play’ on your phone or tablet etc.

  2. Wait for an email from ‘Givt’ which will give you instructions as to how to proceed further

  3. Follow the emailed instructions to register on to the system.

  4. Then when you want to make a donation you simply allow your phone or device to read the QR icon below and enter the amount you want to give – and you’re done!

The amount will be given anonymously and will be taken from your account not less than 8 days and not more than 11 days from when you made the donation.  The Bank details are safe and secure and 100% of the gift is given to LWH Corps. 

Please note that the donation is not instead of your cartridge, - it simply takes the place of your normal ‘Sunday Offering Plate’ gift. Your giving is very important  to the Corps and greatly appreciated. 

At this time when we are unable to meet as we used to, we have lost the Offering revenue, so this a great way to keep on supporting the Corps in these difficult times.

That’s all there is to it – but If you want clarification on any point please do not hesitate to contact me.

God bless


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